"Ariel’s talents as a rider, trainer and horsewoman were evident to me immediately. But it was her compassion and kindness that made her so special to me.”

- Annie Eldridge, owner of Setters’ Run Farm

Ariel’s journey with Annie Eldridge began in early 2012 in Southern Pines, when they were introduced through a mutual friend. Ariel began riding a couple horses for Annie, and Annie invited Ariel to bring her own horses north to her farm in Massachusetts that summer. Ariel competed additional horses for Annie throughout that season, and since then, Annie and Ariel have steadily built a string of horses over the last eight years, including Ariel’s 5* partner, Leamore Master Plan. In addition to ‘Simon’, Ariel and Annie have purchased several other promising young horses, and with Ariel’s dedication and patience in producing and developing strong partnerships with the horses, they hope that they will one day be competing at the top level of sport.

Setters' Run Farm remains the hub for Ariel Grald Equestrian, as well as for the Setters’ Run Farm breeding program. Currently, Ariel has an exciting string of promising youngsters, in addition to 5* partner Leamore Master Plan, thanks to wonderful owner Annie Eldridge. Together they enjoy developing young horses through to the top levels. With a talented string of horses and a supportive group of people behind her, Ariel looks forward to the future of producing the horses to the top level, and being able to represent the United States in future competitions. To learn more about Ariel Grald and her equestrian journey, please visit her website.

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